Environmental Damage Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Disaster cleaning and claim processing is complicated and should be handled by professionals. HomeTech Restoration in Atlanta, GA, has a skilled and licensed team that works hard every day to provide excellent results for our customers. To learn more about our processes and procedures, read our answers to frequently asked questions below.

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Q: What If My Adjuster Isn't Here Yet?

A: Stay Calm. HomeTech Professionals will arrive to take all the photos, document damages, keep adjusters updated throughout the duration of the claim, and provide the best estimate to your specific loss. 


Q: What If the Contents Do Not Need to be Restored?

A: Contents that do not require restoration can still be stored in our storage facility or just simply moved to unaffected part of the property being restored.

Q: What are "Contents"?

A. "Contents" is a term to used to describe furniture, electronics, and other belongings that may be affected or in the way of structural restoration.


Q: What Does Your Company Do?

A: HomeTech saves adjusters and contractors time and money by relocating affected contents to our facility and restoring them while the property is being remediated and remodeled. Commercial or Residential.  

Q: What Are My Payment Options?

A: Any payment related to a loss claim will be billed to your insurance directly. However, work that is requested but not covered under a claim, the remaining amount will be billed to the customer.

Q: What if I'm a Contractor?  

A: Please feel free to contact us with more information about the claim in order for our technician to respond properly. For all non-urgent inquires please request for an appointment or the representative you are looking for.  

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